Workers’ Comp & Personal Injury Practices Working Together for You

August 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Hi welcome to a Legal Tip Tuesday I’m Jeff Monzo one of the personal injury attorneys here at Quatrini Rafferty and I’m Dick Galloway also a personal injury trial lawyer here at Quatrini Rafferty one of the things that we do here is our divisions work together our workers compensation and our personal injury attorneys work together in cases and for example if you’ve come to Quatrini Rafferty because you were hurt at work let’s say that you were injured while driving your company vehicle allow on company time or you were injured in an industrial accident with a machine that malfunctioned or you’re making a delivery and you slip and fall on an icy parking lot during that delivery you have come to Quatrini Rafferty and talked to one of our workers compensation lawyers but you may also have a personal injury claim can you tell us a little bit about that well exactly Jeff in workers compensation when you’re hurt at work you can’t sue your employer the exception is you would sue other people if they may be responsible even though you’re at work if you’re injured from a vehicle accident you’re driving a company truck and somebody rear-ends you can file a lawsuit if you are injured by a defective drill press you can sue the manufacturer of the drill press if you’re somewhere and you fall in the parking lot of one of the customers and it’s because of a pothole that’s been allowed to accumulate there then you can both have your workers compensation claim and we have the best lawyers and you can find for that and in addition you can make a claim for personal injuries to get the pain and suffering and other things that we routinely pursue for our clients so come on in and talk to us about it you may have two claims rather than just one so that is this Legal Tip Tuesday at Quatrini Rafferty, and we look forward to working with you and talking.