Life After an Injury or Disability – (Part 3)

December 17, 2019

Video Transcript

Welcome back! This is Vince Quatrini, It’s Legal Tip Tuesday and I’m going to continue my series on highly effective habits to implement after you are experiencing a permanent or chronic injury or medical condition. You went to work every day, worked overtime, you didn’t have those moments to get up in the morning and greet your children, or go see your grandchildren, or go to the park. Well, now you do! No, you don’t want to be away from work, but you are. So, let’s use this unexpected time out of the workplace, as an opportunity. Let’s see the cup half full. You always wanted to do something, well now you have the opportunity to do it. Before you never had the time. How about being a stay-at-home parent? Learning to play the guitar? How about being a master chef? Or a master gardener? The community college at Westmoreland county, and surrounding counties, have great programs for you to take advantage of. Switch roles with your significant other. He or she can take on some of the task that that you were doing, and vice versa. There’s a lot of satisfaction, a lot of self-worth, especially after you’ve been out of the workplace, that you can find by switching roles.

I often talk how, as a parent, as a father, I didn’t get some of the moments with my kids that somebody who’s out of the workplace, would have the opportunity to do. So, take advantage of it. Look at is as an opportunity, because you’re struggling with pain, you’re struggling with financial worries, you need something to feel good about. Well these are some ways that you can feel good about you, and your family can see you in an effective role and somebody that they can continue to look at as a role model. It’s Legal Tip Tuesday, have a great day.