Life After an Injury or Disability – (Part 5)

January 21, 2020

Video Transcript

Good afternoon, it’s Vince Quatrini back with my series on highly effective habits for living with a chronic and permanent medical condition. Today we’re going to talk about eating. I feel a little bit like one of those people on TV talking about diets or changes in lifestyle, well here’s what happens. The reality is you’re not going to work, you’re not bringing off the same number of calories, so right away start to change you eating habits. Reduce your food intake. You’re not as active, as I said, before the injury when you were working. If you maintain the same eating habits as you had before, I can tell you from many clients, you’re going to put on a significant amount of weight and unfortunately, you’ll feel even worse. You’ve always taken pride in your physical stature and once you add a lot of weight it just adds another layer of anxiety and depression.

Another important thing: reduce your alcohol intake immediately. You’ve got enough working against you, you don’t need that added concern. Find some healthy addictions, some healthy activities where you get immediate satisfaction on a regular basis. We all need that. A healthy substitute to medication or alcohol or smoking, is critical to your long-term mental health. Exercise a total of one hour every day. Make it in ten-minute intervals because I know you can’t manage to do more, but if you go out five or six times, you’re going to feel better physically, you’re going to feel better emotionally. So, for today, have a great day. This is Legal Tip Tuesday, Vince Quatrini.