Life After an Injury or Disability – (Part 6)

February 11, 2020

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome back to Legal Tip Tuesday with Vince Quatrini. We’ve been talking in a series of programs on highly affective habits to live with permanent physical and emotional impairments. Today I want to talk about mindfulness – spirituality. Adding it to your life at this time and incorporating it into your daily routine will again, be another way to cope with the pain, the change in your life, the loss of self-esteem, give you a purpose going forward and it grounds you. You feel that you are in charge of your emotions. We highly recommend a physiologist or a counselor, somebody who can help you with the coping mechanisms.

For instance, if you have anxiety, breathing exercises are very affective in getting your mind off of it and having your mind over matter in regulating your breathing and how you feel. Volunteer at a church or a homeless shelter – I don’t care where you go, volunteering will make you feel good about you, helping somebody who is less fortunate than you. Work at a food bank, go down to your local churches. All of these habits we’ve been talking about. They unequivocally help you in looking forward in your life with a chronic medical condition. We want to see you be able to incorporate a number of these highly affective habits into your life as you go forward. This is Vince Quatrini, and this is Legal Tip Tuesday.