Life After an Injury or Disability – Part 7 (Finale)

February 18, 2020

Video Transcript

Hello again! It’s Vince Quatrini, back with Legal Tip Tuesday. This is a final in a series of highly affective habits to incorporate into your life if you’re experiencing a chronic impairment and or disability. Let’s recap. Take charge of your emotions realize that you are going to have a significant change in your emotions because your life has been turned upside-down. Share those feelings with a professional, join a support group of other injured workers or disabled individuals. Reduce your personal and family expenses immediately, you’re living on less, you have to spend less. Use this unexpected time in your life to do something you always wanted to do, including switching roles with your significant other and getting to be that dad or granddad that you always wanted to have more time to do. Go learn to play the guitar, be a mast chef, be a master gardener. Contact your local community college. Find a new program down there that helps you learn a new skill you always wanted to have or didn’t know that you had. Change your eating habits, reduce your food intake as soon as you can, reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake. Find healthy activities to substitute for those, including smoking.

I know it’s difficult, you’re already under stress but it adds another layer of stuff on you. Exercise every day, even if it’s a little bit and a little bit at a time. Think about mindfulness and spirituality. Volunteer anywhere, anybody that you can help will make you feel better about you. And all of these habits, use them to reduce your medication intake immediately. Talk to your doctor about other ways to cope with the pain. And finally, remember this adage, out of life’s greatest pain comes life’s greatest blessings. This is Legal Tip Tuesday. This is Vince Quatrini. Have a great day.