Life After an Injury or Disability

September 24, 2019

Video Transcript

Welcome to Legal Tip Tuesday. I’m Vince Quatrini, and I’m Michael Quatrini, and today we’re going to talk about life after an injury or disability. In my word of Workers’ Compensation, when we represent somebody that has suffered a permanent injury, it’s devastating in many ways. Beyond the physical pain, the loss of income, there’s often a loss of “who am I?” because I can’t go back and do what I used to do. So, Michael one of the things that you know we do here at QuatriniRafferty is talk to our clients about retraining if they’re in an age bracket where that makes sense.

You are going to talk about Social Security Disability and what happens for those individuals after they’ve been approved for Social security. Yeah, sometimes when people get to a certain level of impairment they can’t go back to work on a part-time or full-time basis. In that circumstance, if we’re lucky enough to get them awarded Social Security Disability Benefits usually I have the same conversation with each one of my clients. And that’s this, this is the time in your life you’ve been waiting for. You get to take all of that expertise that you have, you have the time to go help your community with any of the nonprofits around by volunteering. And the best part about volunteering, if you don’t feel well one day you can always reschedule to go back the next week. And so, for those individuals that are able to go back to some level of work, we want to help them retrain. There are resources out there for you. We know of them and we talk to our clients about them.

For instance, one of the primary rescores, and best resources, is your community college. We have the Westmorland County Community College, Allegany County Community College, Butler County Community College. We want our clients to go there and see combining with the office of vocational rehabilitation, know as OVR, “can I start over again? What can I do?” and we’ll help you along that way. So, retraining, volunteering, life after injury and disability; here at QuatriniRafferty we want to help you in all of those ways. Moving on is always difficult, our goal at the end of the day is to put you in a position to move past everything that has devastated your life and onto brighter futures. Good Luck.