Meet Attorney James Horchak, Greensburg Born!

October 6, 2020

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Peter Gough an Attorney at QuatriniRafferty and welcome to Legal Tip Tuesday. We’re starting a new segment for Legal Tip Tuesday and we’d like to introduce you to some of the attorneys. You’ve heard us speak, you’ve seen us, but maybe you get to know us a little bit, that might be nice. So, I’d like to introduce you to Jim Horchak.

Jim Horchak: Hello. My name is Jim Horchak, I’m an attorney here at the firm and also a CPA.

Peter Gough: Jimmy, how long have you been with QuatriniRafferty?

Jim Horchak: I’ve been here for 20 years.

Peter Gough: And what’s your background? Where you come from?

Jim Horchak: I was a CPA before I came here, so I used to work for a big six firm in Pittsburgh for a few years and a smaller firm before that, an accounting firm that is, so, basically accounting firm, went to law school, and passed the bar exam, and pretty much got a job here at the firm after passing the bar exam.

Peter Gough: And where were you born, Jimmy?

Jim Horchak: I was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, and where do you live now?

Peter Gough: I live in Youngwood which is just a little bit south, three miles south of Greensburg. And what areas of law do you practice with QuatriniRafferty?

Jim Horchak: I’ll do estate planning, estate administration, some business work. I help out with some of the calculations dealing with our litigation departments. Whether it’s personal injury or workers’ comp.

Peter Gough: Jim, it seems like you do a lot of things for the firm here.

Jim Horchak: Yep, not only do I do the legal work, but also help out, since I’m a CPA, help out with the internal accounting functions of the firm.

Pete Gough: And Jimmy what do you like to do when you’re not sitting here hard practicing law?

Jim Horchak: I have a family; wife, three kids, so just enjoying time with them outside of work.

Peter Gough: I understand you’re involved in a lot of different leagues, sporting leagues.

Jim Horchak: Yeah, I help out with softball. Youngwood has a recreational program, I help out with that and you know, softball and basketball.

Peter Gough: And Jimmy, If there’s one quick tip that you can give our viewers what is very important to you? What would you have to say?

Jim Horchak: I would probably say that if unfortunately you have a family member who died and maybe you’re thinking about handling the estate by yourself, we’ve had some clients we’ve had some people do that on their own and realize that they’re way in over their head and they call us. So, I would just probably say that if you have a family member who died, to contact us soon after the funeral, you don’t have to call right away. But after you’ve said your goodbyes after the funeral, give us a call, maybe a couple or a few days after that, we can help you.

Peter Gough: Well Jim, It has been a pleasure talking to you. I hope our viewers enjoyed meeting you and well, thank you for joining us. We’ll see you now.