Meet Attorney Peter Gough, Brooklyn Born!

September 22, 2020

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Jim Horchak and we’re here today with another episode of Legal Tip Tuesday with QuatriniRafferty, a law firm out of Greensburg, Pittsburgh, Altoona, and Latrobe. We thought we’d start things off differently with “introduce the lawyer”. So, today I want to take time to introduce one of the lawyers here at the firm, Peter Gough.

Peter: Hi, Jim. How are you doing today?

Jim: Not too bad, thank you. Pete, explain to the viewers what you do here.

Peter: I’m a lawyer who specializes in workers’ compensation. That’s what I do. I represent people who have been hurt and I win their cases. Pete, where did you grow up as a little kid? I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. That’s how you probably hear my accent right now. I grew up in Brooklyn. I went to law school in New York. I’m sorry, I went to college in New York and ended up going to law school in Pittsburgh. I fell in love with the area and I’ve been here ever since.

Jim: Where do you live?

Peter: I’ve lived in the Murrysville Penn Township area. I would like to say that my background is I don’t come from wealth. We had a hard time growing up and I basically had to work my way through law school, work my way through college, and I became a fighter and that is my nature as a practitioner. I’m not someone you’re going to see on TV trying to pitch something to you. I’m here to fight for your case. One thing that always troubled me growing up was bullies and that’s why I found the fit with workers’ compensation because I find insurance companies are bullying injured workers and it’s a perfect fit. I came to QuatriniRafferty about 17 years ago and again I fell in love because their approach is the same as mine. We don’t take stuff from the insurance companies we fight them. We make sure that our clients get exactly what they deserve.

Jim: Very good. What do you like to enjoy your free time?

Peter: I enjoy trying to be physically active. I like to run. I like to workout. I love music. I’m a failed musician. So, I can listen to it, but I don’t write or play it very well. Okay. I have a lovely daughter who’s just going to going to college and I just hope to meet you clients at some point in the future and can share some experiences.

Jim: Great. If you have one tip for the viewers, what would that be?

Peter: If you get hurt at work, come see us. You’re not going to be treated fairly by the insurance company. Your employer is something different your employer, I’m sure you have a good relationship with, but the insurance companies control this. And before you say anything before you do anything, just know your rights. Be assured that the insurance company has attorneys working on your case. You should have one too.

Jim: Very good. Thank you, Peter.

Peter: Thank you, Jim. Bye, audience!