Meet Brian Bronson, Bucknell Football Alum

November 10, 2020

Video Transcript

Nick: I’m here with Brian Bronson today to do our meet the QR staff member. So, Brian I understand that you were born and raised in this area.

Brian: Sure, I was born in Latrobe. I grew up in Greensburg/Latrobe area. My parents were teachers, my mother taught in Latrobe high school. My father worked with special education with the Westmoreland Intermediate unit and our family’s been in Westmoreland County for over 100 over years I would say. So, we are the epitome of a local family.

Nick: Okay! And kids? Married?

Brian: Married. My wife, Liznelia, works at the Veterans Hospital. She’s a nurse. We have three children. They all start with the letter B and more specifically B and then the letter R. So, we have Braden, who’s our oldest at 13, Brody, who’s 11, and Brooklyn who is 4 years of age.

Nick: So, is the “B R” trend like a family tradition or where does that come from it?

Brian: It is entirely happenstance. The first child was named similar to myself, who was named Braden Podrick instead of Brian Patrick, and then the second child Brody came along. I don’t think he had a name for 4 days while we’re in the hospital. But on the fifth day, we were able to name him after a failed NFL quarterback, Brady Quinn. So, that worked out very well. And then Brooklyn, that one I guess did kind of ride, you know at that point, we had started a tradition, so we kind of just rolled with it. And Brooklyn Bronson sounded like a great name, so that’s what we

Nick: did. And so, I understand you played football in college, right?

Brian: I did! I played 4 years at Bucknell. I played defensive line on a pretty successful football team. We, at that point, Bucknell has had a history of some good teams in the past, but also some fairly inconsistent football and we were one of the winningest classes in Bucknell history.

Nick: So, give me favorite football moment for you.

Brian: Favorite football moment…well, my sophomore year we were playing against Colgate in the league championship game and this was just after the tie breaker system was involved where you could actually keep playing. Games didn’t end in ties. So, we had scored a touchdown and we kicked the field goal. Colgate immediately scored a touchdown and went for two points. And I was on the play, and I like to make myself closer to the quarterback during this play that I actually was, I was fairly close, Brandon Little, another one of our players from Pittsburgh, knocked down the two point conversion attempt and we won the league championship and that was in 1996. That was Bucknell’s last league championship. I believe the only championship before that was when they won the Lambert Cup in the 60s.

Nick: And that’s a Patriot League?

Brian: That is the Patriot League.

Nick: Oh, that’s great. So, Brian tell me about your long-term disability work, and you know, what are the typical cases that you see? And if I come to you and I say look I’ve been denied long-term disability, what’s the first piece of advice you’d give to me?

Brian: The first piece of advice I would give to you is you got to get the documentation. There’s so much variability in long-term disability. One person can have a policy that says X, Y, and Z. Another person can have a policy, which says just the opposite of what their policy said. So, you need to get your paperwork in order as soon as possible. That’s the most important thing, and I’ll meet with a lot of people that come in and they’re very emotional at the time, they’ve been denied, and believe me I’d be emotional too if my income was cut off like this was happening. And you don’t know where your next bill is going to get paid. You don’t know if you’re going to be able to pay your mortgage, or your car, you don’t know where you’re going. But you know you have to take a moment, sit down and say, “okay, I need to get my ducks in order. I need to get the proper documentation. I need to get a copy of the long-term disability policy from work. I need to get the file from the from the insurance company. I need to get things in writing so that I can then go to a lawyer and have a fruitful discussion,” and believe me, we’ve represented people in their deepest, darkest, moments in terms of these denials and their financial situations, and I think we do a wonderful job in helping them realize that this is not the end. This is just the beginning of obtaining some benefits and to help them out of their situation.

Nick: So, let’s get back to the personal stuff. I like the idea of a speed round. So, last meal, what are you having?

Brian: Last meal ever?

Nick: Last meal ever! This is your one chance!

Brian: Good question. I like Gianelli’s chicken tenders with their sweet and hot sauce. They’re fantastic. Probably the best sweet and hot sauce in Westmoreland County.

Nick: That’s it? Last meal.

Brian: Yeah!

Nick: Side of fries? Drink?

Brian: No, just the sweet and hot sauce, and of course, a little ketchup on top. I know that sounds a double saucing, but that’s the kind of guy I am.

Nick: Okay, alright! Favorite football player?

Brian: Favorite football player… I was big Notre Dame fan when I was younger and Rocket Ismail has always been my favorite football player of all time.

Nick: Okay. Are you Notre Dame fan now?

Brian: Still.

Nick: Yeah? Okay! Favorite movie?

Brian: Still the original Star Wars New Hope, even though I don’t like what happened after that, but that’s still my favorite movie.

Nick: Okay and let’s go favorite musical band?

Brian: Favorite musical band. See that’s the problem, I don’t have, I mean I listen to music. I’m one of those people that don’t know the lyrics to any songs, so it’s tough to pick a favorite musical band. I’m going to go with the Beatles, because they’re a nice standard.

Nick: Okay, great! Thank you.

Brian: Thank you!