Scarring in Workers’ Compensation

July 14, 2020

Video Transcript

Hi Internet. It’s Adam Quatrini, of QuatriniRafferty, here reminding you to wear your mask but more importantly to tell you that we are open taking your calls and we can meet you in person and we have every guideline in place for you to safely come meet with us and discuss any problem that you have. Today I just wanted to briefly remind our audience about scarring and workers’ compensation. In workers’ compensation. If you suffer an injury, a very bad one or even a minor one that causes scarring, you can get compensation for scarring aside from any lost wages that you receive. But in the workers’ compensation law in Pennsylvania, you can only receive scarring benefits from the neck up and some people don’t know what that’s valued at and we specialize in addressing those issues sitting down with you and discussing what you can possibly receive for that scar. For example, an individual who might have a neck surgery with a fusion can get scarring because that caused a scar where the incision was above the neck.

Additionally, you can get scarring for something that hits you below the eye. So, there’s many different ways that you can get scarring benefits and calculating what those are is one of our specialties. Including what you might receive for any lost work time or in medical bills as well. So, if you would like to give us a call, please call 724-837-0080, ask for myself or one of our other experts in workers’ compensation.