Social Security Scams

January 28, 2020

Video Transcript

Hi this is Brian Bronson, I’m here for QuatriniRafferty’s Legal Tip Tuesday! Today we’re going to talk about social security and scams. As long as we’ve been alive there have been people scamming people out of money and benefits or property and as far as social security benefits go, there are scammers looking every day to try and affect your benefits and get money into their pockets.

So, what we see quite often in our practice is that people receive calls from either spoof numbers or numbers that they do not know, and they answer the phone call and it’s someone saying they are with the social security administration. These people are after your personal information, they are after your social security number, your birth date, so that they can take that information and translate that into dollars in their pocket at your expense. So, if you do receive a call from someone reporting to be someone from the social security administration, which happens these days as hackers and scammers are very sophisticated at the manner in which they call people – it actually looks like you are receiving a call from either the social security administration or the department of treasury, we would ask that you please do not give your personal identification information over the phone to people that call you.

If it is a legitimate call from social security, they will either call back or send a letter. If you do receive a call that you think is a scam call, we would ask that you call your local social security office and contact them with the information and proceed accordingly. If you have any questions regarding these scam calls, please call us directly, we’d be glad to help you. Thank you.