Social Security & Visual Limitations

September 7, 2021

Video Transcript

Hello, this is Legal Tip Tuesday. This is Michael Quatrini. Talking to a little bit about Social Security Disability and visual limitations. Sometimes as we age or after an Injury or Illness, we can develop visual problems that affect our ability to not only do daily activities at home, but also our work activities. After going to the eye doctor, your visual acuity being able to see far or near, may seem somewhat normal but you are struggling with other parts of the visual requirements such as depth perception visual field meaning being able to see outside of a small box, which ultimately affects your ability to avoid hazards at work, being able to take care of different details and for example if you are a truck driver be able to safely operate your vehicle by being able to see left or right at the end of the day. If these visual limitations are affecting your ability to be safe at work, to be productive at work, it’s important that you first go to the doctor and report all the symptoms you may or may not be having and call our office to talk about whether those limitations would support a Social Security Disability application because you’re struggling at work in terms of efficiency and in terms of safety. This is Michael Quatrini, talking to you about visual limitations and their impact on your ability to work. Thank you.