Veterans’ Disability New Condition

April 17, 2018

Video Transcript

MVQ Vet Conditions

Hello this is Michael Quatrini and I’m here for the inaugural Legal Tip Tuesday. I have two different tips for you today. Mine today focuses on Veterans’ Disability Compensation. As many of you don’t know yet, the V.A. has finally that any marines at Camp Lejeune between 1957 and 1987 were exposed to a chemical spill in the water supply that has caused a number of different conditions. So my tip for you, Number 1 today, is if you did serve at Camp Lejeune between the 50’s and the 80’s, I think you should look into whether it’s time to file an application for benefits. Even if you’ve had conditions in the past, I think that it’s important that you to go through the list which are easily accessible through an internet search* of “Camp Lejeune water conditions.”

Right now, those include adult leukemia, liver cancer, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Myeloma, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and Aplastic Anemia. Those are the conditions that are currently being paid for benefits, but I expect, given the V.A.’s research, for that list to expand in the future. So the tip is make sure that you go and apply if you’ve ever had any of those conditions. And secondly, my tip for the day is “James Harrison, what are you doing signing with the New England Patriots? Tip Number 2? Bad idea James Harrison!”