What is a Legal Checkup?

May 12, 2020

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome back to another home edition of Legal Tip Tuesday, with Vince Quatrini. Today’s subject? The unique QuatriniRafferty legal checkup! But before we start that, let’s remind everybody that we’re working remotely. We’re scheduling phone appointments, video appointments, conducting phone hearings, phone mediations, scheduling clients in to sign important documents with proper social distancing—we can also do it with DocuSign.

So, what is the QuatriniRafferty legal checkup? Well it’s a unique comprehensive evaluation of your disability and injury rights. Let’s take fictional Sammy Smith, 51, an Iraq Vet. He’s now become a home healthcare nurse. He’s driving from Mary’s house to Jane’s house when he gets T-boned by the UPS truck. He makes an attempt to go back to work. He’s fired with no cause. What is the legal checkup going to do for Sammy? Well, let’s look at what he has. PTSD—that would allow him to file for service-connected disability. Workers’ comp—well of course. He’s in the course of employment, going from Mary’s house to Jane’s house. Social Security Disability— Sammy’s 51; if his injuries do not allow him to transfer those skills to another employment, yes, we will file him and get him SSD. Personal Injury action? The answer is yes again. It’s the UPS truck that caused the accident, so we would have a personal injury claim.

And finally, retaliatory discharge—he was fired executing his workers’ comp rights. So, we would use our employment law specialist to explore that claim. And when we’re all done, to give Sammy complete peace of mind, we’re going to write his will, do his power of attorney, and do his living will. I want to brag for a moment that I think we might be the only firm in western and central Pennsylvania that can offer this unique comprehensive evaluation and then implement it. So, until next time this is Vince Quatrini with another edition of Legal Tip Tuesday at home.