Workers Beware: Heat Kills

July 27, 2021

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Legal Tip Tuesday your host Vince Quatrini from the law firm of Quatrini Rafferty here today to talk about the subject of heat kills yes heat in the workplace is a known killer of workers serious stuff and right now as we go through these heat waves around the country it’s take a moment let’s all take a moment and reflect on what we need to do to protect workers from this awful heat wave only several states in the united states California, Minnesota and Colorado have heat protections in the law for the workplace that leaves 47 states that haven’t addressed it hopefully our state legislatures will soon do that and I ask you to speak up with your legislator and ask that they consider protections for the worker during heat waves what do we need to do well of course those of us who are fortunate enough to work inside with air conditioning don’t have to worry about the temperature exceeding 100 or even higher so some thoughts to protect your fellow workers and yourself one take water breaks regularly make sure that that water remains cold and not lost to the heat and gets warm two take breaks as much as you can and three find shelter for those breaks just stopping in the middle of the heat wave and sitting down isn’t enough you have to get out of the heat you got to get your body temperature down so that you don’t have an adverse heart reaction stroke reaction and that’s the only way to do it work together team up with your co-employees ask your bosses to recognize that you just can’t push through this awful heat you know the quotas that are being placed on some workers who work outdoors just can’t remain during these very high temperatures so in summary let’s remember that our fellow workers outside are in this heat all day long try to start early take a break during the middle and work maybe in the evening so that you’re not out there with these very high dangerous temperatures heat does kill and we have to remember that every day so for Quatrini Rafferty this is Vince Quatrini with another version of Legal Tip Tuesday thanks for listening.