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I Saw That Advertised On TV

You do not see QuatriniRafferty advertisements on television. You do not see QuatriniRafferty billboards staring back at you as you drive down the highway. What you will see when you come to our office is a team of professionals who have represented thousands of individuals who have suffered serious injury or death in automobile, motorcycle, slip-and-fall, and other accidents caused by someone else’s carelessness.

What you may not know is that representing people hurt in accidents is a substantial part of our everyday practice at QuatriniRafferty. We do not want you to be one of our clients that tells us, “Oh, I did not know that your firm did that kind of work.”

We are proud to tell you that the overwhelming number of our new clients call us because they are referred to us by current and former clients. We consider a referral by you to your friends, family members and neighbors as the highest compliment. We have found, however, that since we do not run fancy advertising campaigns, some of you who are already our clients for a workers’ compensation injury or a claim for disability or a real estate closing may not realize that we also have an entire department that handles personal injury cases.

Claims by TV Advertisers: What does this mean to you? Compare what we offer at QuatriniRafferty.
No fee unless recovery is made Legal services are provided on a contingent fee basis which means an attorney only collects a fee if money is obtained for the client. YES At QR, we only charge a fee if we collect for you. Bonus: Our fee does not increase if your case goes to court.
Litigation expenses paid Costs are advanced by the law firm to investigate and obtain evidence to prove a claim. These include the cost of medical records, investigation reports and court filing fees. YES At QR, we advance the money to fight your case. Bonus: If you do not recover money damages, we do not ask you to repay these costs.
Free consultations There is no charge for an initial meeting to discuss the details of a personal injury case with an attorney. YES At QR, we have always offered a free personal consultation with one of the lawyers who will handle your case.
Home or hospital Vvisits The client who cannot come to the office can be seen at their home or in the hospital. YES At QR, we are sensitive to our clients’ needs. We will meet with our clients where convenient.
Investigation An investigator may be needed to take photographs of accident scenes, to track down witnesses or to locate other details after an accident. YES At QR, we have private investigators immediately available. It is critical to preserve evidence from the accident quickly.
Toll-free Nnumber To save on long-distance charges, toll-free numbers are helpful. YES Our toll-free number is 1-888-534-6016
24/7 Sservice The ability to reach an office after regular business hours. YES You can reach QR by phone or e-mail 24/7.

There are other important reasons to trust QuatriniRafferty with your personal injury case: our team approach; our many years of experience; our familiarity with local court practices; our state-of-the-art technology; and our expert and investigative resources. All of these factors allow us to fully develop your case and achieve a fair result for you.

At QuatriniRafferty our law firm offers all of the services that you see advertised on television. Our reputation comes through our past service to clients and through involvement in our community. We are not bombarding you with advertisements, but we are experienced and ready to serve people who are faced with the challenges caused by serious injuries or death of a loved one.