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Pennsylvania Driver Alert

On January 29, 2007, the Vehicle Code of Pennsylvania will add a new provision that all Pennsylvania drivers must follow. From that date on, the law will mandate that drivers turn on their car’s headlights whenever weather conditions dictate any use of windshield wipers. This commonsense law recognizes that when rain or snow is sufficient to require the use of windshield wipers, the conditions obviously call for increased lighting.

Like all provisions of the Vehicle Code, the new requirement carries with it a fine for failure to comply. That fine is $25; but when court costs are added, this expense can easily exceed $100.

Another provision of the Vehicle Code that will be enforced this year concerns vehicles that have not had snow and ice removed before operation of the vehicle. Substantial penalties and civil liability can occur if snow or ice from a vehicle injures or damages another person or property.

Remember, bad weather triggers a whole new set of requirements for Pennsylvania drivers. Make sure your car is clean of snow and ice, and that your windshield wipers and lights are used together.